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Foot pockets only.

  • Comfortable and lightweight footpocket
  • OMER Stingray Shorts and Salvimar Steps do not require glue. The footpockets can be easily removed 
  • Extremely durable

OMER Stingray Shorts

The use of thermo rubber in two different stiffness compounds increases comfort over normal foot-pockets. The angle between foot-pocket and blade is 22-degrees and is the result of finding the blend between optimized power of the push through the water relative to effort.

EU 39-40

US 5-6

EU 41-42

US 7-8

EU 43-44

US 9-10

EU 45-46

US 11-12

EU 47-48

US 13-14

EU 49-50

US 15-16


Salvimar Steps

These footpockets are made from thermoplastic with differentiated thickness to improve comfort. The angle between foot pocket and the blade is 20° for a perfect power stroke. The Foot pockets include all blade fixing hardware and fixing plates.

EU 38-39

US 4-5

EU 40-41

US 6-7

EU 42-43

US 8-9

EU 44-45

US 10-11

EU 46-47

US 12-13



These are considered one of the lightest footpockets on the market with excellent power transfer. Made in Greece, these pockets require a "glue in" installation.

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EU 36-38

US 4-5

EU 38-40

US 5-6.5

EU 40-42

US 6.5-8.5

EU 42-44

US 8.5-10

EU 44-46

US 10-11

EU 46-48

US 11-12

EU 48-50

US 12-13