Test of Content Area

Moana Waterman has taken the "hard road" of developing fins from scratch and manufacturing in the United States.  Our vision was never to slap our label on some product made in China for multiple companies, as is often the case these days in OUR sport.  With 4 years of development and testing, and 3 years on the market under our belt, we haven't stopped improving.   We are only getting started.  Moana Waterman reinvigorated the idea of multi-axial lay-ups and perfected them such that unique properties have been engineered into them.  The most noticeable is the incredible torsional stiffness.  This prevents the fin from twisting as you kick.  You gain efficiency by maintaining proper flow over the fin surface without spilling power.  Also, your fin will track straighter, as a twisted fin actually "steers" your foot and your leg muscles use precious energy trying to stabilize your kick.

Moana Waterman also brought the concept of matching flex progression with the stiffness of the fin.  Most fins are offered in multiple stiffnesses, but usually it's just an extra length of material to overall stiffen the fin.  At Moana, we don't believe that works.  Imagine a rope with minimal tension.  Now snap the rope.  You'll get a waveform of high amplitude and short wavelength.  If the rope is long enough, you could probably get multiple waveforms moving down the rope.  Now consider a rope with moderate tension.  When you snap it, you will get another waveform, but of lower amplitude and longer wavelength.  Now transfer that concept to fin.  To get the timing of the tips to work with your kickstroke, you are going to need to customize the progression of that flex.  You could just make really short, soft fins, but then you would not have enough surface area to really create good propulsion.  You could make really long, stiff fins, but then who could properly kick them?  So, we customize the flex progression, much like you can a bullwhip.  If you have a stiff whip and short flexible tip, you can snap it with very little input.  As you stiffen the flexible portion of the whip, you can also lengthen that portion.  This is the cornerstone of why our fins work so well.

When you buy Moana fins, you are helping to build tomorrow's fin.  Because we develop and manufacture in our own shop in San Diego, we can relentlessly progress and refine.  Extensive feedback from our team and from customers has helped us develop multiple flexes and soon to release a different length fin.  This is why we say, come join the "Moana Ohana" (Moana Family)!  Feel free to browse reviews online for performance and customer service.