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Euro Blades only, foot pockets not included.

Moana blades feature an industry-first multi-axial design resulting in a fin blade with reduced torsion (twisting) and improved efficiency. They are extremely strong due to their 100% aerospace grade carbon fiber pre-preg materials. So strong that we offer a 3 year warranty.

  • Shorter 74 cm length is more maneuverable and causes less fatigue
  • 100% Carbon Fiber pre-preg construction
  • Excel in general conditions but well suited for deep diving with smaller, faster kick strokes
  • Adhering to our love of convex tips, we tried to squeeze in as much surface area into a short fin as possible. So, we chose two convex shapes rotated inward to give an overall concave but with nearly the flow and release of a pure convex tip
  • Available decal color options: Blue, Orange, Red, Sea Foam & Silver

Moana Universal Blades can be shipped with pre-drilled slots to accommodate a wide range of footpockets for easy installation. This includes but not limited to OMER Stingray, Salvimar, Riffe, Neptonics, Mako, Hammerhead, and Spora Sub. Please specify your preference in your order notes or by email at

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