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Moana blades feature an industry-first multi-axial design resulting in a fin blade with reduced torsion (twisting) and improved efficiency. They are extremely strong due to their 100% aerospace grade carbon fiber pre-preg materials. So strong that we offer a 3 year warranty.

  • Shorter 74 cm length is more maneuverable and causes less fatigue
  • 100% Carbon Fiber pre-preg construction
  • Well suited for lots of surface swimming, and diving in confined areas
  • Adhering to our love of convex tips, we tried to squeeze in as much surface area into a short fin as possible. So, we chose two convex shapes rotated inward to give an overall concave but with nearly the flow and release of a pure convex tip
  • Available decal color options: Blue, Orange, Red, Sea Foam & Silver

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